Be mutually apart from tragedy for one week

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April 7, the writer once had supper to return 18 to give up and saw river, Anne, of the university campus in Sichuan 18 give up some unit to lift the next economic college classmate, the injured is all over a blood, four classmates make an effort the desire lifts it to river, Anne, hospital, however the doctor and ambulance has already arrived to 18 to give up into 19 to give up in advance the district in the center carry on a salvage, in the center the road is to the utmost 200 meters of university, but is all the way a blood stain, the only 200 meters road first step estimates at 2000 milliliters(case hair ground bloodshed amount not known) of, be even dyed to the utmost by the blood on the injured body, the spot the doctor have already had no dint to save to cure and just do some large hospitals that meet an emergency a processing, wait for Chengdu to rescue.Describe according to the classmate, the injured fastens to conflict with best sunglasses classmate, the other party is broken the injured’s neck artery sting with the knife and caused to lose blood in great quantities.Through classmate just the telephone report, the injured has already rescued invalid, declare to die.Proceeding from the respect writer to the dead didn’t take photo, but the spot terrible degree be not some classmates can imagine of, hope that the classmates can keep calm under the various condition, not the strategic area moves, a take a wrong step loyalty historic hate!”Remember the malignant affairs that took place since last week, still feel that the cold idea of back is repeatedly.Although there is classmate at stick hair, point out that this time injury is a mistake wound,this mistake harms of the final outcome is to deprive another right that the person lives to descend, too regrettable.In”not Gao Jian Wen”(on-line cajolery Chuan in the school the group of the greatly weekly news) in last week, author sharply points out, Chuan big murder case the mental education work that reflects a school does to can not get, besides which, parts of Chuan big of the student also played not too the role of brilliance.After the murder affairs takes place, before particularly being a true facts announcement, the rumor muddles the issue continuously.In addition to student, and medium?When that time, 100 degrees”the Chuan is big” appears of one of the options is a big Chuan murder case, but very multimedia also irresponsiblely carry on dishonest Nike Sport Sunglasses report, call that the murderer of this case is similar to people’s livelihood of Nan-ping, got a peach blossom disease.Really don’t already let a popular anger after seeing.A lot of authors of Bo texts are also similar, take crime of passion case as trickery, and don’t make as well after true facts announce even if correct, in really irresponsible of raise.Don’t know case that this time mistake harms after, again how much dishonestly reports?Again have how many artificial rumor, at one benumbed life in, look for abnormality incitement?Or hope the mental work center of school can develop more extensive publicity and education, don’t wait until tragedy occurrence, after even taking place again, just come to feel sorry for.The campus of the university, is we are from the family of send into the end place of social experience and training under the protection.Hope it is peace, quiet and peaceful and beautiful of, affairs like this, can now just can stop? The wish dies to rest peacefully.

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